Climate Change Resources for the Skeptical

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being skeptical, especially when confronted with a complex argument where a multitude of self interests and political currents conflict. But when ‘skepticism’ continues even in the face of irrefutable evidence, then it becomes little more than mere dogmatism.

Climate Change — aka Global Warning — is real and is happening. This is not a theory, it is fact, and is supported by an enormous amount of scientific evidence.

The Patoruri Glacier in Peru, which like most glaciers world wide is retreating. The area where Sylvia is standing in this photo was, a few earlier, underneath the glacier.

To deny that the climate is changing requires that one knowingly refute virtually everything that mankind knows about the climate of the earth. Even to be a climate change ‘skeptic’ essentially is equivalent to being a spherical Earth ‘skeptic’. The evidence is that strong, that compelling.

And yet, this is what millions of Americans…and the entire mainstream of one of America’s two major political parties…is actively doing. To be clear, there is NO true scientific debate about climate change.  The debate is entirely political. And it is the best debate money can buy.

While I would prefer to keep politics entirely out of this subject and just present the facts, doing so is almost impossible. Depending on what side of the political divide you are on, you are almost certain to either buy into one side of this debate or the other. And that is just wrong.

My advice to ANYONE — believers, non believers, skeptics, those with no opinion and the merely curious — is to do investigate this subject YOURSELF by looking at credible scientific sources, and not cranks, polemics, bogus data samples and people with obvious agendas on either side. I believe most rational people who do so will, after just an hour’s worth of research on this subject, reach the same conclusion that I have…that climate change is undoubtedly real, and is in fact irrefutably caused by man.

In other words…don’t take the word of Greenpeace or Leonardo DiCaprio on this. And don’t take the word of The Heritage Foundation either. Look at the research and draw you own conclusion.

I am confident that if most Americans actually do this, rather than believing what their establishment media of choice is telling them, this debate will come to a very swift conclusion.

Because, there really IS no debating this.

Here’s a good place to start your research…NASA. Would you believe an organization that has actually put a man on the moon? I would.

Here’s a few more…

Finally, here is a good article by the always intelligent and skeptical Michael Shermer — who is by no means a liberal ideologue — as to why climate change skepticism is “so yesterday.”

BecauseItzHappening, that’s why.