Advice for Hikers

This section has two purposes:

  1. To answer the common questions of anyone who has not hiked much, or maybe even never hiked, but is thinking of doing so
  2. For intermediate hikers in search of ideas for improving their techniquies or gear

I have been doing this for twenty years and like most veterans of anything have a whole bunch of ideas about what is right what is wrong. I am no outdoor guide or guru…my entire point in writing this is in fact to show that you don’t have to be an exceptional outdoorsman, or even much of an athlete, to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors and hiking.

The site is however intended for serious hikers. The opinions held forth here are entirely those of either the site editors Brian and Sylvia. These opinions do not constitute the undisputed law of the universe. I would very much encourage anyone to seek out a variety of opinions on the subject matter and form your own opinions.


Is hiking right for me?

What do I need to bring?

Basic Gear

Our Gear List

The Three Essentials

The Forgotten Essential

The Second-Tier Essentials

Managing Risks

Non-Essential/Optional Gear


Below, I have posted links to the sites of men and women with FAR more experience than my own on the world’s great trails. These include Andrew Skurka, Cam Honan, William and Alexandra Mackesy of Walkopedia, and, edited by Rick McCharles. If there is any disagreement between my thoughts and theirs I would ask you to discard what I say and believe them.

Cam Honan, thehikinglife

Andrew Skurka


besthike (Rick McCharles)


With that said I will present some ideas for hikers on what to bring, how to bring it, how to prepare, what to do, what NOT to do and in general how to safely enjoy the outdoors. Any comments or suggestions? By all means, let us know!