The Bucket List

The Bucket List is Brian and Sylvia’s list of ultimate hiking experiences, which we hope to accomplish in this lifetime. These are widely held to be the best hikes in the world. We may not do them all, but we’ll do our best to do them all.

Before we go any further Brian wishes to state, for the record, that he passionately despises does not personally care for the phrase “Bucket List.” It is his intention, however, to use the term on these pages for the sake of convenience, the phrase being widely used. Those of you interested in a much longer and more vehement rant on the subject of Bucket Lists may simply click the word ‘rant’…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We are among those lucky enough to have Machu Picchu in the bucket.

Brian and Sylvia’s personal Bucket List Hikes:

The Inca Trail, Peru                                       ***DONE! via Salkantay Route!

The Santa Cruz Trek, Peru                           ***DONE! Trip Report

Colca Canyon,Peru                                        ***DONE! Trip Report

Haleakala, Maui                                             ***DONE! Trip Report

Tour Du Mont Blanc, Alps                            ***DONE in 2018; Trip Report!

Fitz Roy Traverse, Patagonia                       Scheduled 2019

Torres Del Paine “W”, Patagonia*             Scheduled 2019

A Great Walk of New Zealand                     TBD

Zagori/Meteora, Greece                              TBD

Any Himalayan Trek                                     TBD

The Ausangate Trek, Peru                           TBD

The Alpamayo Trek, Peru                            TBD

The Swiss Haute Route, Alps*                    TBD

Petra/Wadi Rum, Jordan*                           TBD

Mt. Whitney Summit, Sierra Nevada*      TBD

Angels Landing/The Narrows, ZCNP*      TBD

Lake O’Hara Traverse, Can+                       TBD

Cirque of the Towers, WY  *                       TBD

Berg Lake Trail, Can                                     TBD

Alta Via 2, The Dolomites, ITA                    TBD


We have moved these to the “Overflow Bucket” list…We’re gonna have to get a bigger bucket.

The Llampu Circuit, Bolivia                        TBD

Peaks of Northern Spain                            TBD

Noway                                                            TBD

Isle of Sky/Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland     TBD

The Alpine High Pass Route                       TBD

West Coast of England/Wales                    TBD

Teton Crest Trail                                           TBD

*These are the ones which Sylvia pronounces her favorites, other than her top bucket list item which is to own the world’s largest hair dryer.

*Sylvia has added Cirque of the Towers to her Favorites! Yippee!

*Update: Sylvia demands to know why the Haute Route is ‘so low on the list!’

*Norway is now one of Sylvia’s favorites!!!!

+ The most impossible ask on this list. It is easier to drink from the Fountain of Youth out of the Holy Grail than it is to get a permit to hike in the Lake O’Hara back country.

(Note that in addition to the above, Brian has individually completed three actual Bucket List level Hikes…the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, The Rae Lakes Loop and Mount St. Helens. Sylvia meanwhile accomplished a major Bucket List item by marrying the World’s Handsomest Man in 2009.)