Fitz Roy

Introducing the newest full time member of BecauseItzThere…Fitz Roy!


He might be named for this.

Or maybe, this guy.

Whatever he’s named for, we love Fitz Roy! He was adopted from Saving Grace Animal Adoption Center in Raleigh in December of 2018…about ten months old at the time and given the name Clark (but he has never responded to this name.) In truth, we have no idea if this was his name; we don’t even know where he originally came from. What we do know is that he came into our lives and home and we have loved him ever since. We have since re-branded our new friend as Fitz Roy.

New Team member Fitz Roy

His “jobs” at BecauseItzThere:

  • Captain (and so far only member) of the BecauseItzThere Racing Dog Sled Team
  • Hiking Dog
  • “Cash Hound”
  • Barking at passersby, other dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, small children, inflatable yard Santas, motorcycles, trucks, trash containers, kitchen appliances, igloo coolers, suitcases…and that evil dog that always appears in reflective surfaces
  • Running around endlessly
  • “Excavating” in the yard
  • Being Loved

Fitz Roy’s “Cash Hound” skills have so far netted him: $6

We hope to make Fitz into a complete hiking dog capable of serious adventures.

He’s working on it