Tour du Mount Blanc: We Opt for The Bovine Route! — BecauseItzThere

TMB Day Eight: Champex to Trient The eighth day of our trek dawned ominous and cloudy, a low gray ceiling that promised a near certainty of rain. Weather was on our minds. The M.E.P. had seriously debated taking the high variant for day eight, described by Kev Reynolds as “…The toughest of the whole route.” […] …

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Into the White: The Santa Cruz Trek

The Santa Cruz Trek, Peru Can you name the single most impressive thing you have ever done? We can. In July of 2014 Sylvia and I embarked on what was the greatest hiking adventure of our lives…The Santa Cruz Trek in the Andes Mountain of Peru. We had already completed a tough hike just a …

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Brian Kicks The …You Know

Bucket List. It’s really a silly bunch of words to describe something that for many of us is so very dear and important. I personally detest the term. Urban Dictionary defines the term thusly: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket". I need to remember to add skydiving to my bucket list. In other words, it’s a …

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Chestnut Knob, South Mountains State Park, NC

North Carolina’s Wild South Mountains

South Mountain State Park, NC *We traveled to South Mountains State Park in the Spring of 2015. This was a sad time for Sylvia and I as my mother had just recently passed away after a long and difficult battle with heart and lung problems. Among many other things, the outdoors is a place we …

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Mt. Leconte Alum Cave Trail

New on!

We have a passel of new updates to! Check out some of the recent updates to our pages, including… Updates to our Bucket List Hikes Updates to the Hikes pages, including… New Great Hikes in the USA and Canada! New featured posts for the Best Hikes in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee New Advice …

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