Canyon at the Edge of a Neon City

Day 4: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas With regrets we said goodbye Zion Canyon. We had done what we had set out to...explore the great canyon and do as much hiking as was possible. But we still had a LOT of unfinished business here, enough for at least one more trip. We departed, vowing to …

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Chestnut Knob, South Mountains State Park, NC

North Carolina’s Wild South Mountains

South Mountain State Park, NC *We traveled to South Mountains State Park in the Spring of 2015. This was a sad time for Sylvia and I as my mother had just recently passed away after a long and difficult battle with heart and lung problems. Among many other things, the outdoors is a place we …

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Leftovers from Paradise

***This completes my series of posts highlighting our 2014 Maui trip, featuring some of the best things to do and best places to hike in Maui. Meanwhile, Sylvia and I are just back from our second shakeout hike of the year, to Pilot Mountain State Park, about 2 hours down the road. While I cook …

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