Dead to Brian

The Following persons/locations/establishments have been declared officially Dead to Brian. Their names have been expunged from the record; they shall not be mentioned, they never happened, they don’t even exist…La la la, Brian can’t hear you. He has no recollection of them whatsoever.

Happy Brian
Sad Brian
One of the best ways to end up on Brian’s “Liste du Schitt” is to disturb him during lunch.

To be declared Dead to Brian requires offending Brian’s sensibilities to a considerable degree. It’s not that hard to do, actually.

Brian Rants about Gatlinburg (again)

Dead to Brian:

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

The Bentonville Battleground, NC

The Mona Lisa, Paris, France

Belize, Belize (Yes, entire nations can be Dead to Brian)

Carnival Cruise Lines

Formerly Dead, Currently on Parole:

Gatlinburg, TN

You’re DEAD to me!!!



(Main Image by By DrStew82 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,