Fall Is The Best Time For Hiking!

Prime Hiking Season is Underway!

The heat of summer has finally gone and Sylvia and I can happily confirm that, while fall arrived a bit late to the mountains once again, this year the colors have been far better than the last two or three, and we managed to hit them far closer to peak.



As we write this colors are approaching peak in the Raleigh area. We are waiting for our Japanese Maple — that harbinger of hiking season drawing to a close and holiday season fast approaching — to turn its brilliant red.


We are also busily preparing for this year’s Thanksgiving feast for the eyes in Patagonia. To get ready, we tackled one of Virginia’s most notable backpacking trips — the Three Ridges Loop via the AT!



We also sallied forth on a scouting mission to the Blue Ridge with team sled dog captain Fitz Roy, who is celebrating his first fall with us. Soon, we will be celebrating his one year anniversary!


We have some great adventures coming up. Get ready for fall in the Appalachians!


Next Up: Fitz Roy Rocks The Beacon

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