We’re Planning Something Big!

We’re About to Explore New Territory on BecauseItzThere!

Sylvia and Brian are fresh off their Anniversary trip to Baja California. We enjoyed ourselves greatly, but did no hiking on this trip. You would not want to hike the Baja in summer, unless you have a fondness for heatstroke.

Only Donkeys and Gringos (and maybe camels) go hiking in summer in the Baja Desert.

However we are about to embark on a second trip out west, and this will be to a place where one definitely WOULD do hiking in Summer.

Maroon Bells (11553)a.jpg
If you’ve ever opened up a nature wall calendar you’ve probably seen me…but where am I????

Here’s a hint…if you picture one place in the USA that is known specifically  for mountains, where would it be?

Whose flag am I? Connecticut? Cleveland? Hmmmm…. Seth Haller, own work, via Wikicommons.

Here’s a few more hints…

  • It became a state in 1876
  • It is 104,000 square miles in area
  • It contains 53 peaks over 14,000 feet in height…more than the rest of the other 48 states combined
  • It is more recently known for the 64th amendment to its constitution, dude!
  • This guy is commonly associated with it…
John Denver 1974.jpg
NOT likely to be appearing at a concert venue near you anytime soon…Photo by RCA Records.

If you still didn’t get it, here’s another hint…and if you don’t get this one, you’re probably complying with the 64th amendment…

You’ll NEVUH GUESS where we’re going!

Brian has always had big plans to hike here, but one thing or another stood in his way. Now, we’re going there.

Coming Soon!

Featured Image of Long’s Peak by By Rationalobserver – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43815679




3 thoughts on “We’re Planning Something Big!

      1. John — not this trip although I’d absolutely love to do that. My wife’s ankle prevented us from doing some of the more ambitious hikes I wanted to do — Mount Ida , Sky Pond — but still it was a fantastic trip, was surprised the crowds were not as bad as I had figured. Definitely will be back again for more.


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