The Team Expands to Five!

New Team Members Emily and Sayuri Join Us For The Month Of June

It’s always good to be able to experience adventures from a new and fresh perspective. Sometimes, our own perspectives can easily make us jaded to amazing things all around us that we take completely for granted.

We have a spike in team membership here at BecauseItzThere.

For example, last autumn we traveled west to the Blue Ridge Parkway with a couple of guests seeing it for the first time. Our initial reaction, predictably, was, ho-hum…we’ve been there and seen that. A lot of the views from the BRP are treed in. And it was not a particularly vibrant fall as far as colors went.

Their reaction on the other hand was…WOW! I can’t believe this! Look at these views! This is incredible! The colors are amazing! We have nothing like this back where we come from!

Lately we also had the privilege of playing guest to Sylvia’s nephew, quesadilla and panini expert Mikey. He has since gone on to his own place, but during his time with us we had several adventures that reminded us why we loved the mountains in the first place.

Mikey accompanied us on several adventures including a hike of Hawksbill Mountain.

Now, we have two even younger pairs of eyes to see the world through: Staying with us for the month of June of Sylvia’s two young nieces from Dallas, Emily and Sayuri.

The expanded team, minus Fitz Roy. Belted cows not included.


They have already made quite good friends with Fitz Roy.


Fitzroy LOL OMG


Fitz foresees many adventures ahead!

Keep a fresh perspective or you’ll end up being an old goat.

We have already posted about one adventure they’ve had with us…at Wilkerson Nature Preserve, a place we’ve hiked many times already. We turned this into a microadventure.


We hope to have a bunch of adventures with them, so that we can see some of the things we’ve already seen from a new and fresh perspective…and maybe some new things as well.

The entire expanded team is visible in this single photographic plate

We also have some updates to our online content. Check out our updated pages for the Best Hikes in the Southern Appalachians, updated summary pages for The Alum Cave Trail, Old Rag, Mount Cammerer and the Standing Indian Loop; and a brand new summary page for Looking Glass Rock. In addition, we have a special bio page devoted to our newest full time team member.

Our team temporarily expands to five! Check back soon for more updates.


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