Bucket List Hikes Landing Pages

Expanded Site Pages for our BucketList

For a long time, we have wanted to create some reference pages for the various BucketList hikes we want to do. Our goal is to do as many of these hikes as we can over the next ten years — and then replace them with an all new bucket of BucketList hikes.

In the earliest days of this blog Site Editor/ Minister of Expedition Planning Brian wrote up several pages for our BucketList items based on each region. He decided not to publish them, because at that point we had very little original content online. Obviously, you can’t post much original content about places you have not been to yet. It didn’t seem right to post a bunch of stuff we wanted to do without posting evidence we done anything.

The Bucket never really goes dry

Well, we’ve got a bit more content posted these days (231 posts!) Not only that, but some of our existing content pertains directly to our BucketList Hikes. (We can now at least show you a picture of the Alps taken by us, for example, rather than a common license stock shot of the Matterhorn.)

These pages will serve as a guide to us when planning our next adventures, and as a record of our completion of each adventure. They will eventually evolve into resource pages for those wishing to do those hikes themselves, or who might merely dream about doing it.

We encourage you to make your dreams reality, just as we have done! It is so odd (and so cool) to look at the old stub page Brian wrote for the Tour du Mont Blanc and realize, Hey…we did that!

For our first bucket full of BucketList landing  pages we will premier two regions with hikes we HAVE done (and more we haven’t) plus one region we hope to hike later this year. These are Peru, The Central Alps and Patagonia.

The Central Alps
Fitz Roy Chalten Argentina Todor Bozhinov 2013.jpg

We hope to say “Hey…we did that!” A bucketful more times!



(Patagonia photo by By own work (Todor Bozhinov) – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26380187) All other photos are own except where noted. 



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