Spring is Here, Time for Hiking…and Updates!

Updates to the Site

Spring is the time when hiking season gets into full swing. In the Southern Appalachians you can actually hike any time of year, and summer is perhaps the LEAST attractive month. Spring is our second favorite season behind fall.

Table Rock Mountain in the Linville Gorge was one of many hikes we did last spring.

It’s also time for some updates to the site. We have added some new prospective hikes to our list of the Best Hike in the Carolinas and Southern Appalachians. As our list of checked off hikes grows, we add new ones. Can we do them all?

Also we’ve added several prospective big ticket items to our list of notable Hikes in North America. We’d like to start getting to some more of them, too.

We have also added two hikes to our Bucket List Page…The Grand Canyon Traverse and Mount St. Helens via Monitor Ridge…plus a new landing page for the Short Hikes Around the Linville Gorge.

We visited Sunset Rock in middle March. Technically still winter but…it felt like spring.

We have also made updates to the advice for hikers section, adding a section about injuries.

As our experience with Fitz Roy grows, we are in the process of building out a page of resources for Hiking With Dogs.

We intend to do a lot more hiking with our new team member Fitz Roy.

(We have by the way ‘standardized’ his naming convention…in the past, site editor Brian sometimes took the liberty of referring to him as ‘Fitzroy’. Going forward he is and always will be Fitz Roy.)

Lastly we have a new page to celebrate the team’s most accomplished member….Sylvia the copilot and dog whisperer, who has the difficult task of managing BOTH Brian and Fitz Roy.

Sylvia is the expeditions dog whisperer.

Check back soon for our latest adventure!



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