Thinking of Doing Something Big This Year?

Visit Our Tour du Mont Blanc Planning Resources!

Thinking of attempting something BIG this year that will change the way you look at the world (and yourself?)

Consider the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Alpine Scenery doesn’t get any better than the views above Chamonix.

A very strenuous but incredibly spectacular loop hike out of the French town of Chamonix through the Alps, over a hundred miles in length, passing through three countries in route. That’s the TMB…many attempt it. Not all of them finish.

The Tour is an adventure of a lifetime, but it is physically difficult to complete as well as logistically difficult to arrange. It’s not for everyone, but for those willing to accept the challenge, it’s an epic adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.

Yes, you can have a glass of wine or beer with THAT in the background.

If you are considering this mighty undertaking, now is the time to start planning for it. The very short hiking season for the tour begins in June and ends in late September – during the peak months of July and August most hotels and hostels will be booked up.

Visit our Tour du Mont Blanc page for all the logistical details on how (and how not to) attempt Europe’s most celebrated hike!

How bad do YOU want it?

(If you are considering a visit to Paris, we have resources for that too…but read our thoughts on combining the two before doing so.)

Not. Kansas.

Also, check out our Gopro Video of the hike…

Why Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc? Why NOT hike it? We did!

Do you have what it takes to attempt the TMB???

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