The Most Celebrated Hole on Earth

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has long been recognized as one of America’s most magical places. Even the name affirms its grandeur…there is no need to explain WHAT canyon you are talking about (it’s the canyon of the Colorado River, technically speaking.) All you need to do is say that it’s the Grand one. Everyone knows which canyon you are talking about, and no one will dispute the truth of the statement.


Brian has visited the Grand Canyon three times. First in 2001, when he drove all the way there from Boston for the second of three ‘exploratory visits’ of the western National Parks. The second time in 2003, when he hiked all the way across from North to South with friends. And the third time in 2009 where, on the South Rim, he actually proposed marriage to Sylvia. (Did she accept? The answer is written in the wind. And on a document stored somewhere in the state of North Carolina legal archives.)

New ‘digitally enhanced’ version of one of my photos from the 2004 traverse

So it would seem the Grand Canyon is not only a magical place in general, but a place of magical memories for us personally as well. Join with us as we go back to the past for an exploration of this great place and some of the other surrounding areas, including Sedona, AZ, Glen Canyon and Zion National Park.IMG_0147.JPG

Of the three visits, no photographs survive in my own collection from the first. Those from the second were taken with Brian’s old steam powered Fuji camera and have been painstakingly restored to the grandeur of digital media for the purposes of blogging. (IE, I re-photographed them using an obsolete Iphone.) For our final trip we had the benefits of an actual digital camera, so no more apologies than usual are necessary.


Join us for the trip into and out of the world’s most celebrated hole in the ground – Grand Canyon National Park.



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