Back for Another Year!

The Holidays are Over and We’re Back Online

We back from our holiday break and ready to embrace new adventures!

In addition to hosting Sylvia’s family from Dallas, we spent much of this time bringing the new member of the team, future BecauseItzThere dogsled captain Fitz Roy, up to speed. It has been quite an adventure. The problem is not getting Fitz to run, it has been getting him to stop.


Here’s some recent photos of our ‘pack walks’ in the North Raleigh and Wake Forest areas.



A happy Sylvia, a tired Fitz and a befuddled Brian at Falls Lake


Also, while Fitz is an outstanding outdoor dog, he has not proven to be much of a ‘people dog’ (yet.) Sylvia has been grumbling that she now has “two of them” to deal with, but Brian is unsure what she’s talking about…we only have one dog on the team, or at least so he thought.


Sylvia and assistant dog whisperer Mikey enjoy a walk near sunset.

Brian, by the way, spent his holidays on his ‘indoor pursuits,’ which in this case was studying for, and passing, the CISSP exam. Sylvia meanwhile was occupied entirely with her business, which had its biggest month ever. We sure were busy!

We’re also beginning our serious planning for Patagonia, which is going to come up sooner than we though.

We have some great new adventures planned, but while we bring Fitz up to speed, we’ll continue to mine the vault of past adventures…next week we’ll be looking at perhaps our favorite underappreciated National Park in the entire NPS system. Can you guess what it is?


Do you know where this was taken?

Happy 2019!!!


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