New Member of the Team!

Fitz Roy Joins the BecauzeItzThere Team!

As part of BecauzeItzThere’s charter mission to bring you the best in outdoor recreation from around the globe, we have added our newest ‘cast member’ to the team…please welcome Fitz Roy!

Fitzroy, Captain of the BecauzeItzThere dog sled team.

Fitz Roy is the only current member of our dog sled team. We were hoping to make a very credible showing in the 2019 Iditarod Race but it seems we are a good seven or so dogs short, not to mention a sled. Perhaps we’ll put that off until 2020.


Fitz Roy in fact is named after one of our planned upcoming Adventures…Monte Fitz Roy in Patagonian Argentina, which we hope to visit next year, sled or no sled.

Sylvia training Fitz Roy in the ‘Sled Simulator.’

Fitz Roy himself derives its name from Robert Fitzroy…the Royal Navy officer and scientist who commander Charles Darwin’s ship the Beagle. He was meteorologist, one of the most influential of his time, and probably coined the term ‘forecast.’

The forecast has been for snow in the South lately. It wouldn’t require a meteorologist of Fitzroy’s renown to state that it’s a lot more snow than we usually get round these here parts. Fortunately Fitz Roy comes with his own factory installed fur coat.

Sylvia is very happy to have a partner to run once again now that her husband has broken down.

Remember it’s always best to ignore the bad behavior and re-enforce the good.

He is a Shiba Inu, a Spitz breed that originates in central Japan. It is described as a breed that does well with mountainous terrain. Sounds like our kind of teammate!

Senor Patito arrived at our house a perfectly good toy, but has lately been looking like a dead duck.


We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the great people at Saving Grace Animals for Adoption for giving us this opportunity to bring Fitz Roy into out home.

The next adventure begins and this one begins at home!




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