We Voted! Did You?


North Carolina law prevents selfie’s in the polling place so we waited till we were home to demonstrating the fact that we voted. Alas, no law presents husbands from acting like idiots.

It doesn’t really matter to us who you voted for, but if you are an American, it should matter to everyone THAT you voted. If you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a bit at stake these days. So if you haven’t voted yet…for most people there’s still time! Plenty in fact if you are out of the west coast. And you get a cool sticker too!

Remember always that many people sacrificed a great deal — including their lives — in order so that you might have this right.

This was, by the way, Sylvia’s first election as a US citizens. She did her civic duty. We both did our civic duty. Did you?

We sincerely hope you voted.


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