Billionaire Adventurer Branson Survives Rockslide on Mont Blanc

Branson described being “seconds” from death while climbing Mont Blanc

One of the most notable men on Earth recently survived what he described as a near death experience on the slopes of Mont Blanc.

No. Not this guy.


THIS guy.

Richard Branson…Photo by Richard Burdett

Sir Richard Branson, the globetrotting British billionaire and founder of Virgin Group, stated in post on Twitter than he and his son, Sam, came “Seconds away from certain death” after a rockslide barely missed them during a summit attempt on Mont Blanc.

Branson, who Brian describes as “like the coolest rich guy ever” posted a video of the experience, in which rocks could be heard (but not seen) falling and people could be heard shouting. He and his soon were in France as part of an expedition to raise money for charity.

The eccentric Branson is no stranger to danger. He is an avid (some would say fanatical) outdoorsman and adventurer in the classic style and has set a number of world records involving boats, balloons and other things that float or fly (or sink.) He nearly drowned when his boat capsized on his first attempt to cross the Atlantic in 1985. (Brian’s first attempted cross the Atlantic by passenger plane, in comparison, went rather smoothly.) More recently, Branson hid from the wrath of Hurricane Irma in his wine cellar. This is a guy with a serious habit of being on the wrong side of nature.

No…I haven’t set any records, but I DID stay in a Holiday Inn Last night. 

Brian and Sylvia recently were in the same area to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc, but we did not attempt the summit and we SWEEAAAYUH we had nuthin’ to do with any of it.

Reached at his home in France, our Buddy Mont Blanc declined to comment on the event.

“I have no comment.”

Branson, by the way, eventually made it to the summit with his team…and successfully raised over 1.3 million for charity.

We hope that Sir Richard, who is 68 years young, NEVER stops spending his fortune doing crazy things exactly like this. You can’t take it with you, after all…and Sir Richard apparently has no intention  of doing so.



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