The UTMB gets underway!

The Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc

Less than a month ago, Sylvia and I completed the Tour du Mont Blanc, Alpine Europe’s premier walking route. It was an amazing journey. We thought it was pretty challenging, and are proud of our accomplishment.



However, this weekend another journey is about to start, one that puts our — and in fact, most human endeavors — into perspective. That is the ULTRA Tour du Mont Blanc…or UTMB. Incredibly, runners will attempt the same route that required us thirteen days to hike in just one single, gruelling stage which pushes the boundaries of human endeavor.

Most runners complete the UTMB in 30-45 hours, but the fastest runners complete the race in an amazing single day. In fact, the fast time was just under 20 hours by the French athelete François D’Haene.

The race has been held continuously since 2003. Most year, far more than the allowed five thousand runners applies for the contest. Most years, between one third and one half the contestants fails to finish.

The UTMB begins this Friday August 31st. Though there are many other races leading up the event, including the equally arduous team-based La Petite Trotte à Léon which is currently in progress.

You need to be ultra-tough to survive this terrain at any speed, let alone the speeds these athletes expect to reach.

Follow along with the Athletes here. We believe anyone who attempts this race, even those who fail the finish, deserve credit for an effort most couldn’t even imagine. Please join us in wishing al the contestants of this years races the best of luck!


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