Tour du Mont Blanc: We Done It!!!

Brian and Sylvia have successfully completed the Tour du Mont Blanc, Alpine Europe’s most famed long distance walking route!


We completed the entire circular route on foot, without the aid of cable cars, chair lifts, buses trains or other mechanical contrivances. No cheating!

It was every bit as spectacular as advertised!


It was also VERY challenging. Sylvia and I had prepared for a very physically demanding journey. Even so, we found the grueling TMB an even more profound challenge than we had expected.

Almost every hiker we met railed continually about how hard it was. But they all seemed to keep going. If you want to know why, well, start with the views.


As soon as we have our act together we will be serializing a full trip report of our three weeks in Europe.

What an adventure! Get ready for the TOUR DU MONT BLANC!


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