The Linville Gorge: A GoPro Blockbuster!

Video of the Table Rock and Chimneys Hike Now Online!

Check out some of the gorgeous scenery of the Linville Gorge Wilderness — in our opinion , the best place to hike in North Carolina — on our new hiking video. This is at the top our list of Best Places to Hike in the Southern Appalachians and Carolinas.

The cast and crew labored years under difficult conditions to make this epic, all of which was filmed entirely on location in the Wilderness. Producer/Director Brian was told he nuts to do this, but, hey, they once told Spielberg it was nuts to make a movie about a shark.

…And if that’s not enough check out Sylvia’s live footage of a dune buggy ride from our visit to the remarkable dune deserts around Ica, Peru in 2015. Same trip we did the Santa Cruz Trek!

Check our our YouTube channel for local and international hikes, and no small amount of antics. More epic film-making to come!


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