Warning: Adventures in the Making!

We’re still getting ready for the Tour du Mont Blanc in July. So we’re busy training and looking for spots to test ourselves against the mountains, to prepare our minds and bodies for the trails to come.


Last week we found a GREAT Place. This week we hope to find another.


The Linville Gorge in the Pisgah National Forest may be the BEST place to hike in all of NC. For a long time we were overdue to go there. Not anymore.


We did a sortie to Table Rock Mountain and this place is REMARKABLE! Talk about views.


I’m putting together a blog post on this AND a companion hike to the rock formations known as the Chimney’s…it’ll be out this weekend. Meanwhile, Sylvia and I will soon be on our way to do yet another great hike…this one a classic of the Southern Appalachians! (hint…the AT is involved!)


Looks for some great posts on BecasueItzThere over the next week plus as we explore one mountain range and get ready for another, even bigger one!

ALWAYS on the phone.

Check back soon!!!

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