New on!

We have a passel of new updates to!

All the signs point to more great updates to!

Check out some of the recent updates to our pages, including…

Updates to our Bucket List Hikes

Updates to the Hikes pages, including…

New Great Hikes in the USA and Canada!

New featured posts for the Best Hikes in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee

New Advice for hikers, including the editors weighty “thoughts” on weight and secondary gear.

Plus…new LEMON FRESHENED scent!!!!

But wait, there’s MORE!!!

Old Rag Mountain Trail
A slab of hiking related content intended to rock your world!

We’re also working one some new adventures to be showcased soon, including hikes in the Smokies, Virginia Blue Ridge and one of North Carolinas most iconic landmarks!

Also, don’t forget to look at our recent posts of the Haleakala Volcano and John Rock!


You don’t have to have mist anything (other than the odd bad pun) if you keep checking in with us!


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