Name pretty much speak for itself huh?


In 2013 Sylvia and I vacationed in Paradise, or about as close as you can get to it on Earth. This is the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Note only is it a paradise, but it is one of the most remote places on Earth.

But it wasn’t all sitting around on the beach drinking Kahlua Mudslides…only maybe half of it was. The rest of it was spent seeking out some of the more off the beaten path adventures that the Island Paradise offers. While we were there we climbed down into the crater of a dormant volcano, visited many remote and nearly unspoiled beaches, and exploring the valley island’s fascinating geological history. And yeah, tiki’s and Luau’s and mudslides and such.


Being that Hawaii is the Rainbow State, one of the very first things we saw out of the airport, on our way to the beautiful and ultra-touristy ʻanapali area, was this rainbow.


We had plenty to do though, so we didn’t spend too much time gawking at this, which would be the first of about a half dozen. That day. And we had unseasonably dry weather.


Our itinerary was a full one, so we had little time to waste. We did a WHOLE lot on that trip but since this is largely an outdoor travel blog, I won’t tire you over much with the touristy part of it. I will devote  time to the highlights of the trip, which may or may not be familiar to many of you have visited this wonderful equatorial gem.

  • The Haleakala Volcano (for me, the highlight of the trip)
  • The various hidden and secluded beaches we visited, on the island’s North and West sides
  • The Dragon’s Teeth and other interesting Lava formations

Don’t worry, for those of you who enjoy the more basic tropical pleasures…I’ll sneak in the odd Cheeseburger in Paradise/hula photo as well.





Next Post: The Road to Hana

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