2018 almost here

Man, this snow is sure starting to pile up on BecauseItzThere! Just been coming down for days now, nonstop. I’m gonna have to hire a Russian bot with a dump truck to haul it off.

2018 promises to be an exciting year for us. Assuming we actually can pull off what we want to do. Here’s a hint.

The definitive guide to Alpine Europe’s most celebrated walk.

There’s some things that need to be worked out first, like, I have to ‘brush up’ on my French. (IE learned what I should have in 10th grade.)  But we’ll manage. Better question is…will my knee survive it?

While I was working on the Pacific Northwest Posts, I found this among my ‘documents’ (IE the pile of sh-t on the bill desk.) This is the tourist hand out map of The Paradise area of Mt. Rainier, from the Paradise Inn  lobby. I strongly recommend you hike with a better map than this. (We did.)

The big blurry shaded patch among the other blurry things is a glacier. 

Meanwhile, these are on the way to fireplace to be hung. With care.



Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, happy Hanukkah,,,and for those Pagans out there, have a fine Winter Solstice.

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